Plastic Packaging - Why is plastic preferred for packaging?

Right from kitchenware to packaging, plastic is everywhere. From the moment we wake up in the morning, our daily activities are surrounded by plastic items and plastic packaging. Shoes, clothes, food, everything is packaged and transferred in plastic. Why is that so? Let us look at a few important benefits of plastics used for packaging.
  • Plastic is mainly used for its durability. They are tough in nature and do not break on falling. This makes them extremely conducive for transportation.
  • For delicate material such as glassware, food materials, etc, plastic is extremely important as it does not let any damage to reach the items.
  • For perishable material like food items, it is important they be stored and packaged in a way that they stay away from contamination. Plastic is one material that manages to do that very well. Right from plastic food trays to bowls, they are trusted with food.
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