Types of crates and their uses such as security crates

There are different kinds of crates required for various purposes. While there are domestic uses like pet crates, they are mostly used for heavy transportation. They are made of many different materials such as metals, plastic, card board, etc. The material to be used for a particular good depends on the characteristics of the goods such as weight, size, fragile, etc. Let us take a look at the different kinds of crates.
  • Closed crates are majorly used for bulky items that do not need much protection. They have wooden planks used for sheathing very close to each other giving no space for expansion.
  • Open crates on the other hand have almost the exact construction as closed crates but the sheathing is much wider. This is used to transport perishable stuff as it provides better ventilation.
  • There is security crates specially built for protective purposes. These crates are hard to break into and are used to transfer goods of high value.

There are many types of creates such as frame crates, 3 shelf trolleys, etc used for transferring different items.

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