Trolleys, ladders and other materials handling equipments that are used on a large scale in industries

Producing or manufacturing any products be it industrial, agricultural, technical etc. comprises of activities such as handling, transporting, storing, stocking or shifting of raw materials as well as finished goods. These processes are carried out by certain equipments in various industries and warehouses. 

Industrial materials handling equipments have been used since ages. However, the ones used in the past were all manually operated. For instance, think of huge wheelbarrows, which were laden with freight weighing hundreds of kilos and were pushed and pulled using manual (and sometimes animal) force. This led to a number of injuries and safety hazards for the workers. 

Luckily, this scene has totally changed nowadays, with the introduction of various modern materials handling equipments. Today, there are a plethora of such equipments, which include but are not limited to – trolleys, ladders, tow tugs, pallet trucks, bin lifters and work platforms
Let us take a look at some such materials handling equipments in detail:

Warehouse trolleys- A warehouse is used to store or stock various goods and materials. This obviously means that at some or the other point of time, these goods need to be loaded, unloaded and transported from one place to another within the warehouse. This is where various types of trolleys are required. One such trolley used in such places is a portable trolley, which consists of pneumatic trolley wheels or castors and a lightweight design.

Ladders: Ladders may look like a simple everyday tool but they are more than just that. Check online and you will find that there are a number of ladders with unique, specialized design that are manufactured keeping in mind various requirements of industries. An example of a commonly used ladder is – compact ladder.

Storage equipments – Storage equipments are something, which are commonly found in warehouses and industries. There are numerous examples of these which include but are not limited to rectangular tanks, plastic crates or plastic tool box with tray.

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These are some of the most commonly used materials handling equipments, which are used on a large scale in various industries and warehouses. You can search for them online or visit your nearest retail outlet to find the ones pertaining to your needs. All the best!

Various Materials Handling and Storage Solution Tools that ensure safety in a work place

Hand trucks, trolleys and carts are one of the tools, which provide safety and security, protecting the workers from injuries caused by heavy lifting or other causes and also ensures easy transportation of goods around workplace.

One of these tools is an Aluminium hand truck, which is light and strong tool made of rust-proof anodized aluminium. Once the length of the tray is increased (with aluminium shovel), loading area increases. These trucks enable easy transportation of goods

A warehouse trolley is a high range trolley, which is used by a huge number of industries right from manufacturing and service Industries to Transport Companies, Hospitals, Education Facilities, Offices, Libraries, Government Departments and the Retail Industry.

In various industrial setups, Storage solutions such as plastic tool box with tray or plastic parts trays and plastic recycling crates among other things. All these are extremely comprehensive, compact, convenient and comfortable to use. However, the main advantage is that all these are rust proof and made of high quality plastic texture and plastic construction.


So, these are some of the equipments, which are used for storage as well as materials handling in various industrial setups. Apart from these, there are numerous variants of the same such as two tier trolley, bins, crates etc.

3 frequently used warehouse equipments you must know about

A typical warehouse is full of various materials handling equipments. Starting from the basic tools to the most complex systems, they are used for a number of purposes. Let us take a look at three such common equipments, which are frequently used in warehouses:

Nally plastics: Be it crates, boxes or water storage tanks, Nally plastic storage containers are used to store various raw materials. These commonly used containers are built from high quality raw materials and therefore they are strong, sturdy. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are a preferable storage medium for solid and even liquid materials. 

Ladders: Ladders are immensely useful for helping you store materials at a height that is impossible to reach. There are numerous ladders available on the markets that are specially manufactured for this purpose. However, even if you use the humble painters ladders or trestle ladder, they will work just as fine. It just depends upon what height you want to reach and for what purpose.

Trolleys: There are endless varieties of trolleys for sale on ecommerce stores as well as your local stores. For instance, there are single shelf or two shelf trolley, platform trolley, catering trolley, to name a few. But not all of these are used in warehouses. Only the ones that can handle transport of heavy materials are used for this purpose.

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These are three commonly used equipments used in warehouses that you must know about. I think that you got a basic idea about them and this will help you buy them in the near future. Good luck!