Various Materials Handling and Storage Solution Tools that ensure safety in a work place

Hand trucks, trolleys and carts are one of the tools, which provide safety and security, protecting the workers from injuries caused by heavy lifting or other causes and also ensures easy transportation of goods around workplace.

One of these tools is an Aluminium hand truck, which is light and strong tool made of rust-proof anodized aluminium. Once the length of the tray is increased (with aluminium shovel), loading area increases. These trucks enable easy transportation of goods

A warehouse trolley is a high range trolley, which is used by a huge number of industries right from manufacturing and service Industries to Transport Companies, Hospitals, Education Facilities, Offices, Libraries, Government Departments and the Retail Industry.

In various industrial setups, Storage solutions such as plastic tool box with tray or plastic parts trays and plastic recycling crates among other things. All these are extremely comprehensive, compact, convenient and comfortable to use. However, the main advantage is that all these are rust proof and made of high quality plastic texture and plastic construction.


So, these are some of the equipments, which are used for storage as well as materials handling in various industrial setups. Apart from these, there are numerous variants of the same such as two tier trolley, bins, crates etc.

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