Aluminium Hand Trolleys - Is it better than plastic?

Plastics have replaced pretty much every metal on this planet in today’s age. From plastic bags replacing fabrics, plastic tiffins replacing steel tiffins, plastic tidy is everywhere. However, in some areas metals are still more preferred than plastics. Let us take a look at a few of them.
  • Things that require excessive strength will require metals. For example trolleys used for transportation of luggage in airports or hotels. These trolleys have to withstand a considerable amount of weight and therefore aluminium hand trolleys are preferred over their plastic counterparts.
  • Something that is in direct contact with fire cannot be made of plastic. Even though plastic has taken over most kitchen utensils, cabinets and waste bins, the vessels we use on direct gas still need to be made of steel or aluminium. This is because plastic melts in excessive heat and so does glass.

It is advisable to use recyclable plastic as they aren’t as harmful and many are even declared safe for kitchen use. For more information, visit