Aluminium trestle planks: Safety measures and requisites

Working on aluminium trestle planks is no joke and many get injured every day with the incorrect trestle or the incorrect use of the trestle. Here are a few attributes a trestle must possess to ensure the safety of the user.
  • Self supporting aluminium painter trestles must be strong and stable enough to carry at least four times the weight of the trestle itself.
  • Non self supporting aluminium ladders should be kept at an angle so as to form one fourth angle of that of the ladder and a wooden trestle must be aligned at one eighth angle.
  • All the rungs must be uniform in spacing, parallel and levelled while in use. The ladders must have enough foot space for the worker and should be anti skid to prevent slipping.
What is important to remember is always follow the instructions and do not use the ladder for something it isn’t intended for. For wonderful; options in ladders and aluminium trolleys, visit

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